Steven Aquino

Freelance technology writer and iOS Accessibility expert. Marginally Internet famous.

Buttons in iOS 7 Aren’t Good

In the time I’ve used iOS 7 on my very-soon-to-be-replaced iPhone 4S, one thing about its visual overhaul has persisted in my mind:

The buttons aren’t very good. In fact, they suck.

By “suck”, I don’t mean they don’t look nice — as far as buttons go, they’re gorgeous —- rather, from an accessibility point of view, they’re not user friendly at all. Buttons in iOS 7 (think: toolbar buttons in Mail) seem to be drawings of buttons — mighty thin drawings at that, almost stencil-like. As a legally blind user, the gravity of iOS 7’s UI changes is something I’m still getting accustomed to. While I love iOS 7 overall and am excited for the platform’s future, the truth of the matter isJony Ive’s re-imagining of the operating system which has spurred 700 million devices sold is not without its warts. Moreover, an argument could be made that iOS 7 is worse, considerably so, for users who suffer...

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